Clarabridge Releases New CEM Tools

Clarabridge today enhanced its customer experience management (CEM) suite with the following features: AI-based conversational surveys, predictive analytics and omnichannel case management capabilities, and bot integrations. Combined with the vendor's existing offerings—which include text analytics, adapters and connectors for various customer data sources, and alerting and reporting functions—the updates aim to help enterprises "listen everywhere," "analyze everything," and "engage everyone."

Clarabridge's cloud-based CEM platform is equipped with adapters and APIs that support the aggregation of data from various sources, including voice transcriptions, live chat interactions, and online and social media posts. With the added AI-driven self-service surveys, users can engage in dynamic conversations as their feedback is being collected, on the channels customers prefer, in order to create better and longer-lasting relationships.

"We're really turning the survey experience on its head," says Susan Ganeshan, Clarabridge's chief marketing officer. "Instead of lengthy surveys, we've enabled the survey taker to drive the conversation and interact in real time with the business, providing only feedback that matters in that moment. We believe this will directly inspire more people to take surveys and drive more actionable results for organizations across industries."  

By enabling firms to analyze sentiment, Clarabridge's goal is to take companies beyond typical satisfaction metrics and provide them with more accurate and trusted advice, ultimately giving teams a deeper understanding of their customers. The vendor offers machine learning, natural language processing, and predictive and outcome analysis tools. Users can integrate their own algorithms for clarity and context within their business environments.

"We are laser-focused on helping companies engrain customer experience throughout their business," and giving "every employee full understanding of the customer, the context and the next best action," Ganeshan says.

The platform, therefore, is built to empower users during their interactions with customers by giving them the information they need to address issues or concerns. The omnichannel case management, reporting and dashboards, alerts, and bot APIs can help companies detect changes in sentiment and pinpoint the facts that allow for improved engagements.

"When customers feel they are actively heard, they provide more feedback and business can improve products, services and execution driving millions to the bottom line," Ganeshan adds. "Empowering companies to wow customers is a win for business and consumers alike."  

"As the market leader in CX analytics, we continually look to drive our technology to the next level," said Mark Bishof, CEO of Clarabridge, in a statement. "With this announcement we introduce the most advanced CX solution available anywhere. CX revolutions start with CEM leaders. Our platform provides brands with the most comprehensive tools they need to compete in this new wave by listening everywhere, analyzing everything, and engaging everyone.”

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