• November 12, 2015

Clarabridge Updates Its CEM Platform

Clarabridge, a provider of customer experience management solutions, has enhanced its customer intelligence platform with new features that allow for increased visibility, accountability, and responsibility for customer satisfaction.

"Today, delivering a superior customer experience is a differentiator, not only to individual customers but to Wall Street," said Nithi Vivatrat, chief product officer at Clarabridge, in a statement. "According to Watermark Consulting, customer experience leaders generated a total return 35 points higher than the S&P 500, with laggards posting total returns 45 percent lower than the S&P 500 average. This platform upgrade is designed to drive cross-functional CEM programs that deliver measurable business value. By empowering organizations to respond to customer needs quickly and efficiently, we're helping them increase customer loyalty and profitability."

Key features include the following:

  • Alerting: New alerts within CX Studio, Clarabridge's dashboard authoring environment, bring customer issues to the attention of the right teams and individuals at the right time. Powered by Clarabridge's natural language processing engine, the alerts can detect nuances within the feedback text.
  • Dashboard Templates: Pre-designed templates enable the rapid creation of dashboards. These dashboards are dynamic, real-time views into the customer experience.
  • Collaboration Tools: Users can now comment on CX Studio dashboards and interact with each other. This feature allows direction to be provided to the specific teams who can immediately address the feedback before it begins to impact brand reputation and retention.
  • Kiosk Survey Collection: New Clarabridge Survey apps for iPad and Android turn tablets into kiosk feedback stations. Customers can now provide instant feedback without having to provide their email addresses or phone numbers.
  • Predictive Sentiment and Categorization: The Clarabridge platform now contains new self-learning algorithms that proactively make suggestions to users on ways to improve the understanding of customer sentiment. The Predictive Categorization features help users identify the categories (or topics) that matter most to customers.
  • Smart Tagging: Smart Tags automatically uncover hidden context in customer feedback data.

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