• January 29, 2016
  • By Leonard Klie, Editor, CRM magazine and SmartCustomerService.com

ChannelEyes Launches Optyx on Salesforce AppExchange

ChannelEyes, a cloud-based channel sales acceleration and partner enablement company, has launched its Optyx product, a predictive alerting, scoring, and prioritization solution for channel sales, on Salesforce.com's App Exchange.

Designed as a workflow tool, Optyx automatically and intelligently processes internal and external data signals to help channel sales account managers work smarter, close more deals faster, and continuously grow revenue.

The solution is a self-learning predictive analytics engine that processes massive and complex data sets to create simple alerts and notifications that drive channel partner and alliance sales. Optyx was developed by a team of data scientists processing transactional, behavioral, and Big Data sets from hundreds of data signals across dozens of sources.

"There are more than 200 data signals that we collect from the Internet, some of them private and some public," says Jay McBain, CEO of ChannelEyes.

"Channel managers spend more than eight hours a week chasing data," he adds. "We compile it for them and give it to them in one place."

Optyx brings together the most important information about indirect partner sales channels and uses data science to produce insights and generate alerts and notifications. Optyx then calculates and prioritizes the optimal order and assigns the workflow. It can even produce detailed call agendas and partner report cards.

"It watches the sales territory and alerts managers to things that perhaps they weren't seeing," McBain explains. "It automatically takes all the alerts and prioritizes them in relation to what can drive the most business and generate the largest sales success."

Key features of Optyx include the following:

  • alerts and notifications generated from transactional, behavioral, and Big Data sources;
  • a prioritized action center, driving next best actions for the channel sales rep;
  • channel health score, with details into partner trending and insights;
  • a partner interaction panel with an agenda of suggested topics, prioritized by importance; and
  • social climate and sentiment, to help managers understand the current universe of partner social feedback.

Laura Rotter, director of product management at ChannelEyes, in a statement called Optyx

"the first sales workflow tool purposely designed for channel account managers—replacing stale reports, spreadsheets and antiquated indirect sales processes."

"Until now, there was no software that aids channel account managers with what they do every day," McBain adds. "While the average direct sales person uses about seven applications in addition to the CRM systems, this is the first and only product for channel sales."

Though the Optyx product has been launched on the Salesforce.com App Exchange, McBain is quick to point out that it also works with NetSuite, SugarCRM, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, and products from several other vendors.

"Everything that happens in the channel with an account flows back into Salesforce.com or whatever CRM system you're using. There's a trail of everything that happens," he says.

"With Optyx, we're changing channel account managers' role, optimizing it, and making them more productive," he adds. "We're providing them with much more intelligence than they ever had before."

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