Adobe Introduces Advertising Cloud Search Tool

Adobe today introduced new search functionality for its Advertising Cloud. Dubbed Adobe Advertising Cloud Search, the tool brings Adobe Sensei, the company’s AI and machine learning framework, to search advertising, and it aims to help search advertisers in planning and optimizing their campaigns.

To those ends, Adobe Advertising Cloud Search leverages Adobe Sensei for bid optimization, simulations, and forecasting decisions. It also brings in granular engagement metrics from Adobe Analytics and audiences from Adobe Audience Manager and Adobe Campaign. Adobe Sensei scans for discrepancies between modeled and actual performance and automatically adjusts keyword bids multiple times per day with the goal of maximizing returns. Adobe Advertising Cloud Search provides advertisers with visibility into forecast models and their accuracy, with reports available at any time.

Additionally, Adobe Advertising Cloud Search has a new user interface (UI) that aims to ensure ease of use and make workflows more efficient and effective. It includes new bulk-edit features such as the ability to copy and paste directly from the UI into Microsoft Excel and vice versa, with changes reflected immediately. It also allows advertisers to quickly search, navigate, and organize complex campaigns with an eye on faster management, and it features customized reporting filters and columns that aim to simplify complex data with the goal of speeding up decision-making.

“The new platform takes Adobe Experience Cloud strengths—harnessing audience data to drive personalization and the latest in AI and machine learning—and natively applies both to search advertising in new ways to drive better results for advertisers,” says Pete Kluge, group manager, product marketing, of Adobe Advertising Cloud. “The main benefits are time-savings and improved ROI....Many of the features we added were the direct result of input and best practices from clients like Barclays, which helped beta-test the offering. Ultimately, our goal is to build the next generation of search advertising, continuing to innovate a tried-and-true format for marketers.”

“Adobe Advertising Cloud Search is making complicated, time-consuming tasks much simpler,” he adds. “We’re…driving the convergence of marketing and advertising technology in a way only Adobe can, given we’re the only marketing technology stack with a media buying platform.”

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