Adobe Announces New Experience Manager Tools

Adobe has announced a number of new capabilities for Adobe Experience Manager aimed at better enabling companies to reach customers across channels and devices.

The new tools—which make use of Adobe Sensei, Adobe’s artificial intelligence and machine learning framework—help marketers in four key areas: (1) intelligently discovering images, (2) automatically personalizing content, (3) intelligently tailoring images for various screens, and (4) adapting forms for a better experience.

"By infusing Adobe Sensei in our new content capabilities, marketers benefit from more automation for personalized content delivery, which helps them work smarter and faster," says Elliot Sedegah, group manager for strategy and product marketing at Adobe. "Whether you're a hotel brand looking to create fresh experiences or a grocer looking to share personalized assets with shoppers, you're literally drowning with content and require machine learning to assist with all these steps to deliver a differentiated experience."

First, marketers can discover relevant images by using the Smart Tags feature, which employs an algorithm to automatically add metadata keywords that can be trained to recognize company image attributes and add relevant tag values. Additionally, Adobe Sensei continues to learn and recognize business-specific image features as company  libraries expand.

Second, new personalization capabilities allow marketers to deliver content that intelligently adapts to individuals’ behavior and channels. Using Adobe Sensei, the Smart Layout feature automatically generates the most effective layouts and assets to match individual customers' preferences. Additionally, a combination of Experience Manager's ability to deliver content across marketing channels and Adobe Target's personalization capabilities allow messages to automatically be adapted to specific channels and devices.

Third, the Smart Imaging feature detects the type of device and available bandwidth and minimizes the file size of images accordingly. Additionally, Smart Crop uses Adobe Sensei to detect and crop to the focal point of an image.

Finally, the Automated Forms Conversion feature enables organizations to automatically identify and change input fields from traditional PDFs to make them mobile-friendly.

Adobe also announced new integrations between Marketing Cloud and Creative Cloud. Users will be able to find Experience Manager Assets content natively from Photoshop CC, Illustrator CC, and InDesign CC via search. Additionally, integration between Experience Manager and Dimension CC will allow marketers to leverage 3-D content designed in Creative Cloud and turn it into marketing assets.

"We've seen our customers under pressure to create content at a furious pace with thousands of assets coming into their systems that need to be managed, cropped, assembled, personalized, and adjusted for many channels and experiences," Sedegah says. "Each step of this process takes a considerable amount of time and manual effort, but marketers aren't given the additional resources and staff to handle this demand—a big challenge for our customers. There's no other way to meet the challenge of content velocity than to assist marketers to be more productive with the power of machine learning and AI." 

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