• June 15, 2023
  • By Leonard Klie, Editor, CRM magazine and SmartCustomerService.com

10 Ways Generative AI Can Improve Customer Experiences

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Though some leading analyst firms have posited that generative artificial intelligence’s potential in customer experience is limited, a senior executive at eGain during yesterday’s session of CX Connect outlined 10 ways in which generative AI can be used in customer service contexts.

"Generative AI can break down some of the bottlenecks in the creation of content," said Ian Jones, head of global strategy solutions at eGain. "There has always been a cause for generating content in customer experiences, and usually it's the agent who generates that content. Generative AI can do it much faster and better."

Among the 10 ways to use generative AI in CX are the following:

  • Generating effective prompts, with consideration given to company vision, brand values, experience designs, customer personas, and company style guides.
  • Identifying likely questions that customers will ask.
  • Generating curated content from previously documented content.
  • Augmenting search results and virtual assistant responses.
  • Repurposing existing content.
  • Supporting content improvements in company knowledgebases, revising content based on customer and agent feedback.
  • Creating automated chat responses from approved content.
  • Creating useful additional content to support curated content.
  • After-call work.
  • Generating follow-up correspondence.

In customer service contexts, "there is a strong relationship between generative AI and knowledge management tools," Jones said ."They enhance one another and give [employees] more to leverage that using one or the other alone."

But, for contact centers to fully reap the benefits of generative AI, companies also need to employ analytics, appropriate access controls, and a framework for integrating generative AI into other business tools that are already in place, he added.

And, since generative AI is still a relatively new technology, Jones urged companies to be flexible in their rollouts.

"The landscape is changing rapidly," he said. "And you do not need to answer every possible customer question from the start."

Companies, Jones explained, can automate responses to the most pressing customer questions at first and keep adding as time goes on.

With eGain’s solutions, very basic systems can be deployed in just a few weeks, he added.

And even eGain is starting small and looking to get more sophisticated with its generative AI capabilities as time goes on. Eric Anderson, senior principal product manager at eGain, noted that his company will "continue to expand beyond information retrieval."

EGain, he said, is looking to do more with generative AI for suggesting the best responses to agents and conversational AI.

"We're not looking to change the large language models but to leverage them to improve the content that is generated," Anderson added.

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