• November 3, 2015

Zynbit Launches CRM Platform

ZynBit today launched its CRM platform to enable companies to collect and organize customer interactions all in one place. It also offers data integrations and analytics.

"Starting, scaling, and running a business depends on how well you're able to find and keep customers," said Phil Dixon, CEO of ZynBit, in a statement. "We believe the future of business will be driven off data, and we want to help companies connect all of their customer-facing applications so they can take advantage of what we call small data, the vast amount of data you already own yet can't integrate. The new platform saves time and seamlessly connects your email communications, CRM, and Web visitor information for advanced analytics."

The ZynBit customer interaction platform provides the following:

  • CRM From Your Inbox: Organize, track, and manage email, calendars, calls, and other activities without ever leaving your inbox. Keep track of email messages, contacts, and related activities by connecting with Office 365 or Gmail mailboxes.
  • Customer Data Sync: Automatically sync related email, calendars, tasks, and contacts with Office 365 applications or Google Apps for Work.
  • Advanced Analytics: Know how to speak to customers and when to engage customers by using the platform's email, Web visitor, and Salesforce activities tracking analytics.
  • Salesforce Integration.

The Zynbit CRM platform helps both sales and marketing professionals. It enables salespeople to focus on their warmest opportunities. Marketers can now integrate campaign data and Web site activity with the sales pipeline to target and measure where to spend their next dollar. Managers can integrate as well, allowing them to see what drives customer traction and retention.

ZynBit integrates with Microsoft Outlook, Gmail, Office 365, and Salesforce. The platform is powered by the Microsoft Cloud, built to integrate with any customer application, including Microsoft Dynamics CRM or MailChimp's email marketing tool.

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