• August 5, 2014

Verve Unveils Verve Direct Platform for Location-Based Mobile Advertising

Verve Mobile, a provider of location-based mobile advertising, has released Verve Direct, a programmatic direct platform for location-based advertising, enabling partners, advertisers, and agencies to buy location-targeted mobile advertising campaigns via a programmatic direct interface.

Buyers on Verve Direct can either deliver their campaigns on Verve's premium publisher platform, which includes many of the largest mobile media brands in the United States, or via Verve's Location Bidder.

The Verve Location Bidder is a programmatic RTB platform that integrates Verve's LBS technology (the Verve Location Service or VLS) into its proprietary RTB bidder. VLS enables Verve to buy only the highest fidelity location in the mobile ad exchanges. In effect, Verve's proprietary bidder is powered by unique location optimization technology and dynamically adjusts bids based on location quality.

"Verve has always been a pioneer in location-based mobile advertising, and now we're taking it to the next level by breaking new ground with the Verve Direct programmatic platform," said Tom MacIsaac, CEO of Verve, in a statement. "Now partners and advertisers can access Verve's proprietary mobile Proximity Targeting and Consumer Audience Segments on an automated basis through a robust SaaS platform."

Verve Direct has been available in limited beta with several partners, advertisers, and agencies.

"We have had excellent results with location-targeted advertising on the Verve Direct platform. We have tried a lot of new channels that reflect the changing digital landscape, and location-based mobile advertising has been a clear winner with engagement and ROI," said William Walters, a partner in Walters Bayer Auto Group, owner of eight dealerships in California and Walters Gaiennie Auto Group, owner of 14 dealerships in Kentucky and Georgia, in a statement.

Verve Mobile, also recently partnered with RetailNext,a provider of in-store analytics, to bring the combined power of location-based advertising and in-store analytics to brick-and-mortar retail customers.

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