• February 17, 2015

Tinderbox Expands Its Pitch Sales Presentation Product

TinderBox, a provider of sales productivity technologies, has launched the next generation of its Pitch product, allowing sales teams to automate presentation content and template selection based on their CRM data.

The expansion of TinderBox Pitch, the company's cloud-based solution to build, present, share, and track sales presentations online, provides seamless integration with Salesforce.com data, empowering users to automatically select presentation templates and content based on variables, such as industry, location, or sales stage.

TinderBox Pitch enables sales teams to conduct live presentations online from any device and monitor prospect engagement with the content during and after presentations. Through its integration with Salesforce.com, TinderBox can update the opportunity status of a prospect based on how often he or she revisits previously presented content. Prospect engagement can instantly trigger a text message or email to the sales representative.

Key features of TinderBox Pitch include the following:

  • Efficient Presentation Creation: PowerPoint files or other assets can be uploaded and presented in minutes;
  • Mobile Presentation: responsive design allows presentations to be created, conducted, and received on desktop and mobile devices;
  • Controls and Permissions: allows sales and marketing teams to maintain branding consistency;
  • Real-Time Analytics: provides real-time data and valuable insight into prospect engagement, both during and after presentations; and
  • Sales and Marketing Collaboration: enables sales and marketing teams to determine which presentations are most effective and which slides are most frequently viewed.

"TinderBox provides sales teams a powerful time-saving solution to create the personalized buying experience that wins deals," said Dustin Sapp, TinderBox co-founder and CEO, in a statement. "By automating content and template selection, we can accelerate sales productivity and provide marketing teams new capabilities to ensure the brand they've built is the brand that is displayed in every sales presentation."

The Tinderbox Pitch application is also available now on the Salesforce.com App Exchange. The company previously announced an integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM and its availability in the Microsoft Dynamics Marketplace.

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