• September 10, 2015

TeamSupport Launches Private Cloud Solution

TeamSupport.com today launched a private cloud solution to give companies a way to meet regulatory or policy requirements while providing powerful collaboration tools.

"Industry experts affirm that the cloud is typically more secure than traditional IT solutions, but there is still real fear in the marketplace, usually attributable to loss of control," said Robert C. Johnson, CEO of TeamSupport, in a statement. "While there may not be a sound basis for most wariness about cloud-based applications, there is demand for a private cloud solution, even with companies whose leaders fully understand how secure cloud apps are, because their customers or other stakeholders demand a private cloud option. Now TeamSupport can meet that demand."

Hosted on a subscription basis via a dedicated server, TeamSupport's private cloud solution delivers customized onboarding and training. A dedicated support team provides specialized services to companies that use the private cloud and the customers they serve.

While all TeamSupport applications are delivered securely via a SSAE 16-certified data center, the private cloud solution meets the unique needs of customers who require global hosting options, allowing clients to choose data center locations to satisfy regional security and performance requirements, or customers who require hosting in their own country for legal reasons.

"TeamSupport has always taken security seriously for every customer, and that hasn't changed," Johnson observed. "All of our customer service solutions are designed to uphold the highest security standards. But companies that need to address specific regulatory or policy standards that require a private cloud solution now have that option with the TeamSupport private cloud, along with the unique collaboration tools that make us the best in the industry."

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