• November 20, 2014

Selligy Launches Capture to Save Email in Salesforce

Selligy today launched Selligy Capture, a cloud-based service that automatically captures, de-duplicates and stores customer email interactions into Salesforce.com.

With Selligy Capture, the salesperson simply signs up once and never needs to open it again. There's no button to push, no bcc to remember to put on emails, and no user interface to learn.

Email history safeguards critical customer relationship information. Sales reps come and go from different sales territories – and companies. And they rarely leave behind a complete snapshot of what’s happening with all of their accounts, resulting in a ton of lost opportunity and value.  When a customer is handed off to a new salesperson, Selligy Capture gives the new salesperson a complete history of the relationship.

"Lots of companies claim to be the 'Fitbit for X' without realizing what a high bar that is. To get there, you don't need a better user interface, you need to eliminate it," said Nilay Patel, CEO and co-founder of Selligy, in a statement. "To really make a difference, we need to teach the technology so much about how salespeople work that the salespeople don't even need to know it's there."

Selligy Capture complements Selligy's first application, Selligy Mobile, launched last year. Together, the applications reduce the amount of time required for salespeople to get data into CRM, give sales managers more information about what's working, and enable the shift to data-driven sales management.

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