• July 21, 2021

Scratchpad Introduces One Workspace for Calendar, Notes, and Salesforce

Scratchpad has released a unified workspace between calendar, sales notes, and Salesforce, allowing sales personnel using Salesforce to access and create notes, add and enrich contacts, and create and manage tasks directly from their calendars.

"The point of engagement for sales reps has shifted away from Salesforce because the experience for account executives fundamentally does not fit into how sales reps work," said Pouyan Salehi, co-founder and CEO of Scratchpad, in a statement. "There is a lot of unnecessary tension between doing what it takes to generate revenue but also ensuring data flows into Salesforce for the greater needs of the business including visibility for leadership and accurate forecasting. Scratchpad continues to lead innovation by bringing Salesforce to where account executives need to be, whether that is in their calendar, email, anywhere on the web, or in other sales tools they use so that we fit their workflow and increase adoption of Salesforce. And, at the same time, Scratchpad is delighting revenue and sales enablement leaders because better data flows into their CRM and adoption of Salesforce by the frontline sales teams dramatically increases."

"Scratchpad is leading the way in a new digital experience that reflects how sales and customer service, from frontline workers to managers, can work with Salesforce. Scratchpad is helping organizations be productive and effective in how they work more collaboratively with accounts, opportunities, and contacts and with more actionable note-taking to enhance outcomes, like revenue growth and positive customer satisfaction.," said Stephen Hurrell, vice president and research director at Ventana Research, in a statement.

"Scratchpad's pace of innovation is incredible. At nearly every turn they are finding ways to make it easier and easier for our reps to spend less time with data entry. Salesforce adoption has never been higher, and the data we need for the business is flowing into Salesforce as it should. Integrating sales notes, tasks, contact creation, and Salesforce into reps' calendars is genius," said Jeff Ignacio, head of revenue and growth operations at UpKeep, in a statement.

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