• March 23, 2022

Scratchpad Introduces Inbox and Deal Alert System

Scratchpad today launched its ;inbox and deal alert system for salespeople.

"Many organizations have bought into the myth that sales reps must do their work in Salesforce," said Pouyan Salehi, CEO and co-founder of Scratchpad, in a statement. "Businesses depend on Salesforce as the source of truth, and high-quality data hygiene is the value driver, ensuring accurate forecasting required to fuel growth. This hardens the idea that work salespeople do must happen within the CRM. Then tools like Slack are introduced to function as digital sales managers, constantly nudging reps to make updates in Salesforce. For most reps, notifications, reminders, and emails disappear into black holes because there are too many of them, they aren't actionable and rarely connected to the deal itself. This forces reps to switch between tools, slowing them down. We see a better way, giving reps one place to help them sell without distractions and enable revenue operations with a solution to help their reps celebrate wins with effortless data hygiene."

Scratchpad's newest offering is one place to get actionable alerts about deals, take sales notes, manage pipelines, and update next steps and is always connected to Salesforce. Sales Leaders get one collaborative workspace for asynchronous conversations with reps, and revenue operations teams can configure triggers to help reps celebrate won deals, create zero boards for opportunities missing next steps or ghost opportunities missing amounts.

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