• May 13, 2015

SDL Launches Customer Journey Analytics and Social Media Monitoring

SDL has launched Customer Journey Analytics and Social Media Monitoring as integral components of the SDL Customer Experience Cloud. The patented set of Customer Journey Analytics applications are built on the enhanced Social Media Monitoring platform.

The first set of analytic applications include Brand Health Tracking, Campaign Evaluation, Product Launch and Market Entry, enabling brands to map customer journeys across 23 languages in real time.

With SDL Customer Journey Analytics applications, brands can measure customer experiences across all markets by analyzing online multilingual conversations and converting social data into actionable insight in real time. The ability to cultivate a thriving brand is delivered by understanding what drives consumer behavior, converting prospects into customers and customers into passionate advocates and evangelists that amplify marketing efforts.

Marketers can optimize campaign effectiveness by understanding which messages resonate with customers, what part of the customer journey might need attention, and the unique nuances between markets around the world. They can also identify best and worst practices for effective product launches by analyzing what factors have driven success or failure for competitors, both domestically and internationally. By identifying which markets have the highest purchase intent for a product category, brands can uncover market expansion opportunities and set appropriate strategies to capitalize on the potential ahead of their competition. With these applications, brands can now measure key performance indicators that align with desired business outcomes.

These new analytic applications are built on top of SDL's Social Media Monitoring platform, which has now been fully refreshed with the latest big data technologies to support advanced analytics and machine learning capabilities to analyze social media conversations and accelerate the speed to insight for brands.

With SDL Social Media Monitoring, organizations have access to billions of historical conversations, with millions added every day from hundreds of thousands of social media sites around the globe. Customer Journey Analytics leverages the scale and immediacy of social data to measure purchase intent and brand advocacy globally with the ability to drill down into the buying and advocacy journeys to identify barriers and enablers and act on those insights.

With turn-key applications delivering instant insights to customers, powered by an intelligent platform for analyzing social media conversations and replacing traditional market research, SDL's Social Intelligence solutions provide the following:

  • Speed: Data is indexed from hundreds of thousands of social media sites and can be queried in real time;
  • Intelligence: Data can be analyzed across 23 languages with SDL's natural language processing, machine learning, and proprietary machine translation capabilities;
  • Power: Built on big data technologies to scale to hundreds of petabytes of information and millions of concurrent users; and
  • Better Business Results: Patented analytic applications measure key performance indicators that map to business objectives, including purchase intent and brand advocacy.

"SDL's Social Intelligence solutions are transforming the customer experience for brands," said Mark Lancaster, CEO and founder of SDL, in a statement. "Engaging customers in the moment is critical ,and enabling marketers to have a clear understanding of where to invest resources and tweak messaging based on cultural nuances or regional language preferences allows brands to maximize the impact of their efforts. By understanding what encourages consumers to listen, buy, and advocate, organizations can truly optimize and accelerate the customer journey."

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