• February 26, 2014

SAVO Releases CRM Opportunity Pro for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

SAVO Group, a provider of sales enablement technology, yesterday released CRM Opportunity Pro for Microsoft Dynamics CRM. With this updated application, sales teams and IT executives using Dynamics can harness SAVO's analytics capabilities directly inside their CRM systems.

"Today's sales teams have many solutions at their disposal, but instead of helping, the amount of solutions often causes confusion; it's hard to know where to begin," said Kurt Andersen, executive vice president of sales enablement and marketing at SAVO, in a statement. "To simplify reps' daily activities, CRM Opportunity Pro harvests data from both CRM and marketing automation solutions to provide sellers with a holistic view of their prospect or customer without having to leave a CRM record."

The CRM Opportunity Pro for Microsoft Dynamics CRM release provides sales people with real-time insight into opportunities and prescriptive coaching and pushes resources specific to the sales stage to reps whose deals are stalling.

Key Features of CRM Opportunity Pro for Microsoft Dynamics CRM include the following:

  • Prescriptive Coaching and Content – Gives sales leaders the ability to push assets and coaching within the opportunity record as deal characteristics evolve;
  • Tactical Analytics and Insights – Provides executives with a view of what marketing and sales assets strongly resonate with buyers and are most effective; and
  • Marketing Automation – Aligns marketing content to conversations based off a lead's interests and goals.
This builds on SAVO’s November announcement of a similar integration with salesforce.com

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