• October 14, 2014

Radius Releases Insights Marketing Intelligence Tool

Radius, a business-to-business marketing intelligence company, has released Radius Insights software that enables companies to better understand their existing customers, identify top performing segments in their Salesforce systems, and then deploy marketing campaigns that reach prospects in new ways.

Closely integrated with Salesforce, Radius Insights delivers real-time current data on records that cover hundreds of customer signals, ranging from location, size and revenues, to a company's activity on Facebook and Twitter and its shopping cart technology and online advertising efforts. Armed with this knowledge, marketers can now create a detailed profile of their best customers and communicate more effectively with prospects.

"With data, more is always better. The trick is making sense of all that information so you can see who is truly your best customer," said Darian Shirazi, Radius founder and CEO, in a statement. "With Radius Insights, we've productized scientific approaches. The 'a-ha' moment comes when our customers realize they can easily now answer two very important questions: Who are their best customers? and How many more just like them exist?"

ZenPayroll, deployed Radius Insights to streamline efforts in identifying targeted verticals for its best customers. "Within minutes of using Radius Insights I saw which industries we were most successful in and which social data predicted performance. It became a no-brainer then to figure out how best to reach them," said Erin Colbert, who leads marketing for the cloud-based payroll services company ZenPayroll, in a statement.

Radius Insights connects with a customer's CRM data and synchronizes updates from the Radius Index, a real-time information source on more than 20 million U.S. businesses  to refresh records, eliminate duplicates, and provides marketers with the following:
  • a dashboard to see which signals affect their historic success rates, are critical to their marketing success, and convert the most customers.
  • their total addressable market. Radius Insights takes care of acquiring the look-alike prospects. Marketers can instantly see additional businesses in top market segments that look identical to their current customers.
  • the ability to build more predictable, long-term pipeline generation and campaign planning based on estimated conversion rates. Marketers now have a benchmark to compare success by campaign and over time.

"Our vision is to combine innovative software with big data to help companies more effectively and efficiently market and sell," said Shirazi. "Radius Insights reflect a massive investment in productizing scientific approaches that provide significantly greater value for our customers in a simple software experience."

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