• December 9, 2015

Qvidian Updates Content Automation and Dynamic Sales Playbooks

Qvidian, a provider of sales execution solutions, launched the Fall 2015 Release of Content Automation and Dynamic Sales Playbooks.

The latest enhancements in Qvidian's sales execution platform are focused on improving user productivity, empowering users with upgraded analytics and compelling visualizations, deeper integrations with Salesforce.com, and support for configure, price, and quote (CPQ) tools.

Building on Qvidian's integration with Salesforce.com, users can access Salesforce.com related lists directly from Qvidian. With this advancement, users can include complex pricing tables directly into sales proposals.

"The ability to pull from Salesforce related lists into Qvidian has been a huge time savings for customers," said Lewie Miller, CEO of Qvidian, in a statement. "We have seen many applications of this capability, including seamlessly integrating prices lists into proposals, presentations, and RFP responses, as well as creating robust account and opportunity plans right from within the Salesforce object. This has allowed customers to create impactful documents that are ready for executive-level review."

Additionally, Dynamic Sales Playbooks capabilities include in-playbook search capabilities to help sales reps to find the content they need. With additional tracking and reporting on user and usage data, as well as device and OS data, users can see which content and sales assets are being used and by whom.

Content Analytics enhancements also enable users  to leverage filters to find key data sets. Dashlet actions and notification settings enable users to visualize the data and schedule alerts to stay on top of the business.

"We have heard consistently from customers throughout development that these latest capabilities are our most powerful yet," said Karen Meyer, vice president of products at Qvidian, in a statement. "Qvidian is giving customers the ability to unlock the power of their data and content from other systems that are vital to sales execution. At the same time, this delivers the ability to see how it's all being used at both high and granular levels, so customers can ultimately make better investments in content while leveraging this newfound knowledge to positively impact sales strategies."

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