• August 18, 2016

PipelineDeals Launches Home Dashboard

PipelineDeals, a sales and account management CRM provider for small and midsized businesses, has launched the Home tab, a one-stop snapshot that now includes enhanced usability and new features that deliver information to optimize the sales process and increase revenues. The Home tab offers a clear view to answer the questions: "How am I doing?" and "What do I need to do next?"

"With the new Home tab, users will see exactly what their priorities and focus needs to be at that moment to quickly achieve their business goals," said PipelineDeals' CEO and founder JP Werlin in a statement. "Not knowing, or guessing, what the next best action should be is a primary reason that only 27 percent of sales leads are ever contacted. Without the insight and focus the Home tab provides, businesses are leaving money on the table."

In addition to prioritized metrics to focus on potential revenue and dynamically track sales performance, the new Home tab features the following:

  • Timeliness of Lead Follow-up: The Latest Email Interactions feature displays the most recent email interactions from existing leads. This flags the moment a lead opens an email, downloads an attachment, or clicks through a link.
  • Deals at Risk of Being Lost: The Deals Slipping Away feature analyzes prospects based on the monetary value of the deal, the time elapsed since the last touch point, and whether future action has been scheduled. It then ranks these prospects in order of importance and automatically suggests what a salesperson should focus on next.

The Home tab also offers a number of other sales insights, including the following:

  • A current pipeline component that puts pipeline dollars and deals front and center. The pipeline allows team members to view their current pipeline with all active deals and all expected to close.
  • A restyled agenda, outlining tasks due to be completed on that day, tomorrow, or that week.
  • A new pulse stats component, which delivers sales reps and teams with essential performance metrics, such as the amount of revenue won, number of deals won and sales cycle time.

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