• August 29, 2018

PipelineDeals Launches Mobile CRM 3.0

PipelineDeals, a provider of CRM software for small and midsized businesses, has released the PipelineDeals Mobile CRM 3.0 for Android and iOS.

New features in PipelineDeals Mobile CRM 3.0 are designed to proactively notify users of real-time updates through a Pipeline Activity Feed and with push notifications about people, deals, and companies Users can navigate sales-focused features that offer immediate, up-to-date insight into sales funnels and client history.

PipelineDeals Mobile CRM 3.0 empowers users to do the following:

  • See live pipeline activity with a real-time feed that displays deal movement in a sales pipeline;
  • Record and capture meeting notes vias talk-to-text;
  • Use geolocation tools to map routes to sales visits;
  • Add, access, search, and update calendars, leads, tasks, contacts, and deals; and
  • Review client data that is updated and automatically synchronized.

"PipelineDeals for Android and iOS enables a sales professional to follow through with opportunities across all deal stages right from their mobile device," said J.P. Werlin, CEO and co-founder of PipelineDeals, in a statement. "PipelineDeals users can leave their computers without leaving their sales pipelines. They can work smarter with real-time data, be prepared for client meetings, get to appointments on time, and keep momentum going after making new contacts."

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