PipelineDeals Introduces Connect Integration for Email

Sales productivity platform PipelineDeals today announced Connect, an email integration solution that combines the user's inbox with PipelineDeals' sales and account management platform. According to the vendor, Connect speeds up the workflow process by eliminating the need to toggle between different apps—particularly email and CRM—and improves workflow by providing a single solution for salespeople through PipelineDeals' cloud-based sales and account management services.

"What we've done with Connect [is allow you to] bring any IMAP-enabled email service into PipelineDeals and see CRM intelligence right alongside your inbox," says JP Werlin, CEO of PipelineDeals.

Compatible with services including Gmail webmail, Google Apps, Microsoft Office 365, and Microsoft Outlook, Connect allows users to access all past email correspondence and add it to new or existing contacts with one touch. Users can also plan upcoming actions and view and set assignments, tasks, and deal status and stage from within their inboxes. Messages can be filtered so that only the most relevant ones appear in the Connect interface.

"After years of talking to CEOs and salespeople [and asking them], 'Why don't you close more deals?', overwhelmingly the response has been 'We didn't follow up' or 'We didn't follow through' and 'Things get lost in the cracks'—you hear that all the time with salespeople," Werlin says. "What we're doing is trying to bring simple business follow-up and simple business follow-through and make it easy for salespeople to do the follow-up and not lose anything in the cracks."

David Baars, marketing manager at PipelineDeals, agrees. "It really is going to help your salespeople focus on the follow-up and focus on getting the right message to the right person, as opposed to digging through their email trying to figure out what email they should be replying to and then what email they can follow up later because it's not exactly pertinent to what they're doing with their business."

According to PipelineDeals, the Connect interface promotes better engagement with customers and more efficient collaboration among sales teams in an email-first environment.

Connect is currently available for desktop browsers, but given an increase in mobile usage with PipelineDeals, Werlin says he foresees a potential 2016 mobile launch.

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