• September 26, 2017

MindTickle Partners with Playboox for Sales Training Program

MindTickle has partnered with Playboox to provide an end-to-end sales readiness solution exclusively focused on driving sales process execution excellence.

"In today's hyper-competitive markets, buyers have more power and are more hesitant to budge from their current state than ever. In this environment, it's not what you sell, but how you sell that matters," said Krishna Depura, MindTickle's co-founder and CEO, in a statement. "As such, sales organizations must shift from everyone doing their own thing to everyone consistently doing the best thing throughout the sales process. That's where our combined offering with Playboox comes in."

The combined solution from MindTickle and Playboox will enable sales users to learn, practice, get certified, and continually apply lead and opportunity-specific best practices within Salesforce.com. The integrated solution includes the following:

  • A sales process-centric Sales University template containing pre-built and curated training courses along with curriculum, courseware, certification, and onboarding program templates and guides for role-based online training.
  • Stage-specific certification tools like quizzes, video role plays, voice-over slideshows, screen capture voice-over recordings, and task completion assessments to enable reps to practice, self-assess understanding, and get certified on mastery of key topics by sales stage.
  • Gamified role-based learning paths, course completion tracking, content and team learning performance analytics, and leaderboards to monitor and measure progress of the stage-specific topics that are salient for a given role.
  • A playbook-authoring module to enable users to build and iterate multiple sales-process-centric playbooks customized by market segment.
  • Market-specific playbooks within Salesforce.com lead and opportunity records that provide users with segment-relevant conversation, discovery, and value positioning guidance and tools to apply what top performers say, ask, do, and use at each stage of the sales process for a given segment.
  • Interactive guided-selling that drives consistent application of call planning, deal management, conversation orchestration, and forecasting best practices, and enables reps to capture, contextualize, and communicate the insights they gather as they conduct conversations throughout the sales process.
  • Guided deal coaching that provides a deal-specific forecasting framework, progress summary, and scoring system to help managers assess deal winnability, stakeholder clout and sentiment, information gaps, and risks to collaborate with their reps to develop call plans and closing strategies.
  • Guided rep coaching that allows managers to see which reps need coaching on which parts of the sales process and then develop rep-specific development plans.
  • Access to stage-specific training videos, sales tools, and collateral to continually reinforce best practice absorption, adoption, and application throughout the sales process.
  • A managed services offering for sales process playbook, sales university curriculum and courseware, sales and sales coaching training, sales messaging, sales tool, and onboarding program assessment, design, development, and delivery.

"The central role of sales enablement is to equip salespeople with the tools, training, and technology they need to consistently apply best practices throughout the sales process and to make it easy for sales managers to systematically coach their reps to do so," said Daniel Zamudio, founder and CEO of Playboox, in a statement. "With MindTickle and Playboox, heads of sales will now be able drive sales process execution excellence across their entire sales organizations."

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