• November 5, 2014

Maritz Acquires Allegiance Software, Rebrands as MaritzCX

Maritz Holdings and Allegiance Software today announced the intent to create a new independent company, MaritzCX, through the acquisition of Allegiance and subsequent combination with Maritz Research. The new stand-alone company will bring together the software innovation of Allegiance with the market research expertise of Maritz Research.

"The impact of customer-churn is measured in billions of dollars, so the ability to see, sense, and act upon the experience of every customer is critical," said Carine Clark, president and CEO of Allegiance and future president and CEO of MaritzCX, in a statement. "As MaritzCX, we will accelerate the flow of CX intelligence from months to minutes, on an organization-wide scale. We will automate actions and influence the triggers of customer happiness over the lifetime of relationships. The MaritzCX SaaS-based software and services approach is poised for growth and will become as vital to business performance as a financial, CRM, or ERP system."

"The CX industry is growing at a staggering rate," said Steve Maritz, chairman of Maritz Holdings and the largest investor in MaritzCX, in a statement. "People can interact with companies in a matter of seconds. One bad experience can influence millions of people and cost millions of dollars. Our clients are asking for more help to keep up and get ahead. As the pace of business steadily increases, we have to turn customer experience programs into operational business processes that run in real time."

Following the acquisition, MaritzCX will have 900 full-time employees in 18 offices and five global regions. MaritzCX will serve 500 midsized and large enterprise clients and one million users in 100 countries speaking 60 languages.

The MaritzCX platform, to be called the Allegiance platform, will provide flexible, self-service capabilities that allow clients to create or change reports on their own, and will integrate with Salesforce.com, Adobe, and other popular data systems. MaritzCX will offer a SaaS-based CX software platform that delivers a big-data architecture based on Hadoop and Elastic Search, allowing analysis and management of multiple survey programs and customer data sets in a single platform.

The MaritzCX platform will include Allegiance Spotlight, a data mining product specifically created for the CX industry, and will offer integrated survey software, dashboards and reports, case management, and text analytics.

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