• September 14, 2015

Lattice Engines Launches Predictive Capabilities for Sales Productivity

Lattice Engines, a provider of predictive marketing and sales applications, today launched a new release of its Buyer Insights CRM plug-in for growing sales productivity and increasing sales and marketing alignment.

The new release of Buyer Insights embeds predictive insights about buyers within customers' lead, account, and opportunity workflows, provides a single place with insights that reps can go to prepare for sales calls, and creates a feedback loop via reports and dashboards highlighting the performance of recommendations and factors leading to their close.

Lattice created Buyer Insights, which surfaces opportunities identified by Lattice along with other predictive insights within Salesforce, all in the context of their lead, account, or opportunity workflows.

"Predictive marketing creates value when sales teams actually act on the recommended leads and opportunities," said Shashi Upadhyay, CEO of Lattice Engines, in a statement. "By embedding the predictive recommendations and insights directly into a sales rep's workflow, our customers will be able to bring marketing and sales teams together, while creating measurable value."

Lattice generates predictive scores and insights about leads and accounts using thousands of data points on more than 150 million companies, including fit and intent indicators.

The new app is natively integrated into the Salesforce1 platform. Leads and accounts scored by Lattice are presented as recommendations within the Salesforce dashboard. Each recommendation tells the rep not only the score for that particular lead or account but the underlying data attributes that make up that score, as well as the products that lead/account is likely to buy and estimated revenue.

Dynamic talking points provide a template for marketers to shape sales conversations for each lead or account scored by Lattice. Customers can pull in additional data points about the lead or account, such as company history, marketing campaign activity, executive changes, and even prior purchase history and other transactional data, all in one place. A predictive program dashboard provides out-of-the-box reporting and KPIs on how leads and accounts identified by Lattice are generating pipeline and converting. Also included are reports for front-line managers to see which reps are following up on target leads and which reps aren't.

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