• April 6, 2016

Kahuna Launches Locales

Kahuna, a provider of mobile marketing automation, has launched Locales, an enhancement to its platform that enables marketers to use contextual data collected directly from customer devices to tailor messages to their preferred languages or to share content relevant to their locales.

Locales is an out-of-the-box feature included in all Kahuna platform licenses.

"We're living in a multicultural world," said Mihir Nanavati, senior vice president of product at Kahuna, in a statement. "And the bar is getting higher for how customers expect to be treated. You can't just assume that all people in the U.S. will prefer that you reach them in English rather than their native-speaking language or vice versa. To succeed in this new world, you will need to understand their individual preferences [for] language, message, device, time of day and engage them in a personalized way, and, yes, with a system that automates the entire process."

Locales enables marketers to craft up to five message variations for each language or locale selected and automatically optimizes the delivery of the message variant that will generate the best results for each group, based on real-time customer response rates.

A wide range of Kahuna customers have already begun using Locales. JumpRamp Games, a mobile gaming company offering real-world rewards, is using Locales to alert users with up-to-the-minute contest information that's personalized to their specific time zones.

"We deliver time-sensitive campaigns on a daily basis for Lucktastic, so being able to tailor our messaging to a user's time zone is really key," said Leah Fox, digital and mobile marketer at JumpRamp Games, in a statement. "Our campaigns sent with Locales are producing a 24 percent engagement, and we are able to see performance by time zone, which allows us to better optimize performance."

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