• August 19, 2015

Kahuna Adds Email Capabilities to Its Marketing Platform

Kahuna, a provider of communication automation, has unveiled a significant evolution of its technology platform to bring its capabilities in personalized messaging for mobile powered by big data and machine learning to other channels, beginning with email.

Kahuna's infrastructure is built to support future use cases as it provides the technology architecture and capacity to work with increasingly massive data sets. The platform will enable Kahuna and its partners to integrate a wide range of channels, as well as the next generation of connected devices driven by the Internet of things (IoT).

"It's time for businesses to stop marketing, and start communicating," said Kahuna CEO and co-founder Adam Marchick in a statement. "Businesses have the opportunity to purposefully engage the people they serve at every step of their personal journey. But to do this requires both a new way of thinking: one where the person you are engaging is at the center of your efforts and the technology to achieve it at scale. That's what we have built with the Kahuna platform.

The platform brings together a suite of capabilities for engaging customers in a holistic way. Kahuna has architected its platform to help companies better serve their customers in the following ways:

  • Understand each user's omnichannel behavior with a real-time, person-centric data layer. The platform can collect and rationalize data at the individual level for billions of users. The data is constantly refreshed. From the mobile app to the in-store POS, Kahuna's mix of SDKs and APIs can ingest, process, and use massive amounts of data from any customer touchpoint.
  • Engage where their users are. Now marketers have access to push, in-app, email, and Facebook campaigns in the same platform. For each delivery channel, marketers are able to create granularly targeted campaigns directly in the UI or can upload custom segments created in their own back-end systems through Kahuna's new Adaptive Campaign functionality. Dynamic attributes, such as location or last category viewed, as well as Kahuna's unique dynamic deep linking capability, make sending millions of individually personalized messages possible.
  • Optimize campaigns through patent-pending, machine learning.

Other capabilities added to the platform include the following:

  • SendOptimally, or send time optimization, uses historical data across all channels to message users when they’re most likely to engage.
  • RevIQ, or conversion optimization, determines the optimal time to follow up with users after an action has not been completed.
  • A to E testing, or message copy optimization, tests up to five copy variants (in addition to a control group). Both conversion and messaging copy optimization will evaluate results in real time and automatically scale up better performing variants and scale down those that are performing worse.
  • Campaign analytics, or experience optimization, gives marketers insight into what campaign types and copy are producing the desired result versus those that are producing above average opt outs and uninstalls.

"Kahuna enables businesses to evolve the way they engage their customers by making their marketing efforts truly about communicating," Marchick said. "The platform already has superior listening capabilities that enable marketers to read digital body language: what people actually think and feel. On the platform roadmap, we're planning to provide greater capabilities for customers to respond to personalized messaging. In the end, communication is a bi-directional experience, and the Kahuna platform will continue to pave the way for that experience."

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