Highspot's enhanced email functionality provides insight into when emailed content was opened, read, downloaded, and shared, and which pages of any document were viewed the longest. Today, users of Highspot can send content directly from Highspot’s sales content management system or their corporate email client with Highspot's Outlook add-in. In addition, sales reps can better manage their conversations through activity dashboards and in-depth analytics on customer engagement. Email sent via this integration will come from the sender’s company email address and replies received directly in the sender’s email inbox.

"Our mission is to make sales reps as effective and as efficient as possible. Everyone has a working style that they prefer, and while some reps love the ease of selecting and sharing content with prospects from within Highspot, we know that there are others who prefer to do all their communication from their corporate email client," said Robert Wahbe, CEO of Highspot, in a statement. "Enabling our customers to work within the environment they are most comfortable while still providing all the alerts, engagement stats, sharing, and analytics features that make them more effective was a natural progression of our product offering."

An additional platform update is automatic filtering by language for all content, based on Highspot’s machine learning algorithms for 20 of the most common languages, including English, French, German, Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, Russian, Arabic, Hebrew, and more. Highspot detects the language within a given documentand lets users filter search and browsing results by language or create a globlal setting to only show languages they want to see.