• April 16, 2019

Freshworks Integrates with WhatsApp Business

Freshworks has integrated its customer engagement suite with the WhatsApp Business solution to offer on-the-go conversational support via WhatsApp.

Freshworks now helps businesses manage and route user conversations happening on WhatsApp and other channels, via Omniroute, Freshworks' patent-pending technology within the Freshworks customer engagement suite. Omniroute provides customer service agents with a unified view of customer inquiries regardless of channel and helps them respond to those inquiries

Freshworks recently launched Proximity, a set of features for its Freshchat messaging software. The integration with the WhatsApp Business solution further helps companies manage conversations at scale. Responses can be text, images, GIFs, attachments, or even canned responses. The Freshchat dashboard provides separate insights on WhatsApp conversations, like chat volume and productivity within the WhatsApp channel.

"Users no longer have to jump through hoops to reach out to a business. All they have to do is flip out their mobile and engaging with their favorite brand is just a message away on WhatsApp," said Girish Mathrubootham, CEO of Freshworks, in a statement. "Omnichannel customer engagement is becoming the imperative to providing great customer support. The integration with the enormously popular WhatsApp platform enables customers and prospects to get in touch with businesses instantly, offering support through this widely used medium of choice."

Supr Daily, a direct-to-home dairy products delivery service in India, uses the Freshchat integration with the WhatsApp Business solution to broaden its customer support.

"Today's customer wants a convenient way to reach out to brands. WhatsApp is a user-friendly way to communicate; as such, it's also the easiest way for many of our customers to reach out to us," said Tarkeshwar Singh, senior product manager at Supr Daily, in a statement. "We actively promote WhatsApp as a medium to connect with us, and we now see about half of our customers use it for support queries. The Freshworks integration made it possible for us to provide great quality and quick support to our customers, which is indispensable in our business."

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