• May 17, 2022

CompleteCSM Launches Customer Intelligence Cloud

CompleteCSM, a customer success intelligence software company, has released Customer Intelligence Cloud, providing customer success teams with access to customer intent data.

"Customer success platforms have become indispensable for managing customers' relationships with a company's product," said Bryan Plaster, co-founder and CEO of CompleteCSM, in a statement. "As good as these platforms have become at tracking and managing customer usage and health, they all potentially leave terabytes of valuable customer data on the floor and out of their calculations that could be used to better predict churn or potential expansion."

The CompleteCSM Customer Intelligence Cloud collects signals from customer conversations and applies artificial intelligence to reveal customer intent to expand or renew. The curated results can be delivered both downstream to data platforms like Snowflake or Databricks or upstream embedded into customer success platforms like Gainsight or Salesforce. The insight is also accessible through data science tools like Jupyter notebooks and can be integrated with most CRM platforms and Gong, Zoom, and Slack.

Dan Steinman, chief evangelist at Gainsight, sees CompleteCSM’s Customer Intelligence Cloud as a must-have for all software-as-a-service (SaaS) companies: "Deep sentiment analysis of conversations, far beyond Net Promoter Score (NPS), will be required for modern customer success teams to quickly identify wayward customers and course correct. The consumption economy will largely leave behind the concept of renewals, forcing companies to broaden into a 4D view of customer health and treat it with an even higher degree of urgency."

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