• April 29, 2014

Clarabridge Releases Version 6.2 of Its CEM Solution

Clarabridge, a provider of intelligent customer experience management (CEM) solutions, today released Clarabridge 6.2. The new release will enable users to analyze customer feedback, identify insights and deliver them to the people who can take action, and close the loop internally with business owners and externally with customers.

Clarabridge 6.2's new Category-Derived Attribute feature enables analysis of brand conversions and enables users to consolidate information from different sources into a single entity.

Context Awareness, introduced in 6.2, recognizes and understands the subject of every response in a conversation, even if the original topic is not specifically mentioned in subsequent posts.

Version 6.2 brings several key enhancements to Clarabridge's reporting and visualizations, including Intraday Reporting, a completely re-designed Scorecard, Auto-Refresh Dashboards, and Hashtag and Stacked Column reports. A new report packaging feature will also let Clarabridge users identify insights and take action to improve customer experience.

The Clarabridge Intelligence Platform continues to be enhanced in the 6.2 release to provide increased scalability and improved productivity in a multi-user environment. Users will be able to process and analyze customer feedback data as it becomes available.

Within this latest version, Clarabridge continues to expand its partner ecosystem with the addition of Sysomos, now available in the Clarabridge Connector Library.

"Clarabridge 6.2 will enable users to understand and analyze customer conversations about their brands, products, and services faster than ever before, at any scale and wherever those conversations are taking place," said Fabrice Martin, vice president of product management at Clarabridge, in a statement. "In the age of the customer, a disciplined and intelligent approach to CEM provides a competitive advantage, and we believe the new functionalities in 6.2 will enable companies to derive maximum value from their customers' feedback by making it actionable faster."

Clarabridge 6.2 will be available in May.

Version 6.1, which the company released in November, brought collaboration and engagement together in one application.

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