• September 15, 2014

ChannelAdvisor Introduces 2014 Autumn Release

ChannelAdvisor, a provider of cloud-based e-commerce solutions, today announced its 2014 Autumn Release, with new features and advancements added to the company's platform.

With a theme of "E-Commerce. Empowered," the 2014 Autumn Release offers enhanced eBay management with QuickStart and Custom options, expanded global capabilities through support for marketplaces such as MeinPaket, Rakuten.de, and Zalando, and new integrations with social sites Polyvore and Wanelo, as well as mobile search engine Yahoo Gemini.

"Retailers often lack the time and resources it takes to sufficiently reach target consumers," said Link Walls, ChannelAdvisor vice president of product management, in a statement. "In the 2014 Autumn Release, we're ensuring that retailers' products can be visible where their customers are shopping. We're empowering retailers with the technology needed to be in the driver's seat on marketplaces and digital marketing channels. And we're offering more control and options to help them adapt to a multichannel world, where capitalizing on each conversion opportunity is vital."

ChannelAdvisor's 2014 Autumn Release focuses on empowering e-commerce in several key areas.

  • eBay Your Way: ChannelAdvisor gives retailers more control and flexibility over how they manage eBay, with eBay QuickStart and eBay Custom options. With eBay QuickStart, new ChannelAdvisor customers can sell on eBay with one set of templates that automatically takes sellers' preferences and creates fixed-price product listings for the marketplace. Additionally, retailers can continue to use eBay Custom, the classic way to sell on eBay with ChannelAdvisor. eBay Custom allows retailers to vary their selling strategies by items or groups of items, with different listing settings, ad templates, schedules, and more.
  • Mobile Commerce: ChannelAdvisor supports Yahoo Gemini, Yahoo's new search engine specifically designed for mobile. ChannelAdvisor offers advertisers the ability to create and manage Yahoo Gemini ads, accurately target campaigns across channels and devices, access Yahoo Gemini keyword bid management and reporting tools, and sync with their Yahoo Ad Manager account.
  • Social Commerce: ChannelAdvisor's new Social Commerce suite enables retailers to inspire consumers on social media networks such as Pinerest, Wanelo, Polyvore, and more. Retailers can send a single product inventory feed to meet the unique requirements and specifications of each social site. As more social media networks offer commerce capabilities, ChannelAdvisor's feed can adapt and quickly transform data to meet the new specifications.
  • Global Commerce: ChannelAdvisor Marketplaces has expanded its global capabilities so retailers can better access consumers in Germany. According to Germany Trade & Invest, Germany is expected to generate 48.4 billion euros from e-commerce in 2014, growing 25 percent from 2013. ChannelAdvisor now supports key German marketplaces, including Rakuten.de, MeinPaket, and Zalando, in addition to eBay Germany and Amazon Germany.

The 2014 Autumn Release also includes new features, such as advanced Repricer Insights, a Report Center, and more.

Additionally, ChannelAdvisor is expanding the way retailers sell their products by introducing the ChannelAdvisor Bundles feature. ChannelAdvisor Bundles allow retailers to create a customized grouping of similar or complementary items that are sold together. ChannelAdvisor automatically calculates quantities, updating and adjusting stock levels when each component in a bundle changes.

"We've been using an extremely time-consuming and manual internal workaround to do bundles for a few years now," said John Derringer, president of Driven Products, in a statement."We were lucky enough to be an early adopter of ChannelAdvisor Bundles. After implementation, I estimate that the Bundles feature will not only save our company 10 man-hours per week, but our ordering, forecasting and fulfillment will be more accurate than before as well. We couldn't be more excited to use the Bundles feature."

ChannelAdvisor's last update, its  2014 Spring release, enhanced digital marketing, repricing, and fulfillment capabilities for online retailers.

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