• February 28, 2017

Bluecore Introduces Decisioning Platform for Commerce Marketers

Bluecore, a provider of cloud-based technology that enables marketers to take immediate action on behavioral and product data, debuted its Decisioning Platform for retailers at eTail West this week. The platform helps marketers organize massive data sets, determine what to do next with it, and then quickly deploy campaigns across several channels, all through one interface.

The decisioning platform is built upon Bluecore's proprietary architecture, created specifically to solve for complex data ingestion, user identification, and audience-building for cross-channel marketing. The platform can process massive data sets and generate highly personalized insights and audiences on the fly through a marketer-controlled user interface that connects directly to social, display, email, and onsite campaigns. It integrates seamlessly with other marketing technologies to deploy email, onsite, Google, Facebook, and display campaigns.

"Marketers don't need more data. They need help using it. That's the missing component in today's marketing stack," said Fayez Mohamood, co-founder and CEO of Bluecore, in a statement. "The modern marketer needs inferences and insights to make real-time decisions across channels. Speed and depth of customer knowledge are the keys to driving acquisition, conversion, and retention metrics in today's competitive retail environment. We designed our platform to integrate seamlessly with existing marketing stacks, without the help of IT teams, and with beautiful user interface so marketers can build and sync audiences across channels in a matter of seconds."

With this level of data analysis and management, marketers can ask questions like the following:

  • What audience should I prioritize for this campaign?
  • How can I re-engage one-time buyers?
  • Who's most likely to pay full price, as opposed to needing an offer to convert?
  • Which consumers are more open to new product categories?
  • How often should I be communicating with this group of consumers?
  • How can I deliver a more personal experience to my customers?

"This platform delivers on the promise of big data in retail," said Jared Blank, head of Bluecore's data analysis and insights team, in a statement. "I've been in digital marketers' shoes, and I've used and reviewed a number of marketing technologies over the years. Other tools require the help of IT teams or take weeks to produce intel. We live in an instant gratification world; marketers don't have the luxury of time. The Bluecore Decisioning Platform puts time and control back in marketers' hands by giving them immediate access to data and tools that they can actually use."

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