• May 11, 2017

BirdEye Launches Next-Generation Customer Surveys

BirdEye, providers of a customer experience and business reputation platform, has launched its next-generation customer surveys, which let businesses send surveys and promote responses on third-party review sites.

The BirdEye platform's customer survey software lets businesses design real-time surveys for customer experience, market research, employee engagement, and more. BirdEye lets businesses send Net Promoter Score (NPS) surveys for specific areas, like admissions, customer service, or checkout, and calculate promoters, detractors, and passives. They can also send Millennial surveys, asking one question at one specific customer journey touchpoint. Concise surveys in pre-defined templates ensure customers are only asked questions that pertain to their individual experience.

"Hyper-connected customers have higher expectations, shorter attention spans, and want to do everything with just a few taps," said Ameya Virkar, vice president of engineering at BirdEye, in a statement. "We took traditional customer surveys and the NPS model to a new level, reimagining the survey for Millennials. Simple. Attention-grabbing. In the moment."

BirdEye's customer survey software features functionality, such as Skip or Display logic to keep every question relevant. Users can create and organize question groups with a drag-and-drop interface and route promoters to third-party review sites to share their feedback publicly.

BirdEye funnels all survey results into one platform for enterprise analytics and data visualization. Businesses can slice and dice reports by question, by location, and over time. This lets businesses spot trends as they emerge and refine surveys on-the-fly to improve response rates. The BirdEye platform runs natural language processing (NLP) on survey responses so companies can pinpoint the root cause of positive and negative sentiment.

"Specific, real-time feedback from customers at different stages in the path to purchase provides valuable information to all departments," Virkar said. "To make improvements that really move the needle and provide consistently great experiences, the entire company needs to be in the loop. BirdEye's surveys let businesses understand every customer, structure every decision around the customer, and turn happy customers into brand advocates."

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