• February 18, 2015

BirdEye Releases Competitor Analysis

BirdEye, a provider of enterprise reputation management, has released Competitor Analytics as part of its comprehensive enterprise platform. Competitor Analytics provides enterprises with competitive benchmarking reports and tools to help fine-tune their brands, products, and services.

In January, BirdEye launched Enterprise Analytics, which enabled enterprises to use BirdEye's proprietary natural language processing and machine learning to mine customer feedback for thousands of locations and products from hundreds of review sites. Competitor Analytics takes this a step further. Marketers can now track competitors' customer feedback. Data is rendered in both at-a-glance competitive ranking reports and deep-dive competitive insights. With these reports, businesses can quickly gauge where they stand versus their key competitors.

BirdEye Competitor Analytics consists of reports and insights featuring a full range of big picture and drill-down benchmarking charts and metrics, including the following:

  • Competitors, Reviews & Ratings: Enterprises compare their reviews and ratings performance against competitors at brand level, location level and product level. Reviews and ratings reports include filters for locale (state, city), review source and time period. Data rich at-a-glance charts with drill-down data points measure performance in Competitive Ranking, Reviews Over Time, and Rating Over Time.
  • Competitors, Keywords: BirdEye uses natural language processing (NLP) with machine learning to assess customer sentiment from keywords within customer reviews. Enterprises can pull competitive charts and graphs for frequent keywords, positive keywords, and negative keywords to gain insight into competitors' strengths and weaknesses. Powerful filters offer broad or dialed-in views by product, location, time period, and review source.
  • Competitors, Categories: Through competitive analysis of categories, enterprises gauge how they stack up against competitors on selected categories. The Relative Performance chart shows where on the continuum of “under performs” to “over performs” the enterprise is versus the industry. The Absolute Performance chart shows how the enterprise is faring on sentiment score on a scale of 1 to 5 versus its top competitors.

"In this day and age, analyzing your own customer feedback is not enough. To stay ahead of the pack, enterprise CMOs want to know what their competitors' customers are saying. This allows them to fine-tune their brands, products, services, and marketing programs and devise effective competitive strategies," said Naveen Gupta, CEO of BirdEye, in a statement.

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