• April 20, 2018

BirdEye Launches Annotation to Improve Sentiment Analysis

Customer experience software provider BirdEye has released Annotation, an artificial intelligence-based enhancement to its Insights product that will allow users to look at insights generated by BirdEye's Natural Language Processing (NLP) engine, Athena, and override these insights as necessary.

Athena processes customer feedback from reviews, social media, blogs, discussion forums, and news articles and converts them into clear, actionable insights. Athena identifies snippets of text that appear frequently across customer feedback and assigns positive or negative sentiment to each snippet based on machine learning analysis of their context. Snippets include topics, keywords, and adjectives.

To enhance the quality and relevance of customer sentiment analysis, BirdEye users can now collaborate with Athena by editing the content of their insights. Athena will learn from users' edits and apply them to all incoming customer feedback to improve the accuracy of trend identification.

Users can make the following edits to snippets:

  • Change a snippet's sentiment from negative to positive, or vice versa;
  • Delete a snippet identified by Athena that is not important for their business goals; and
  • Add a new snippet.

"Even the most advanced machine algorithms can learn a lot from humans," said Neeraj Gupta, chief operations officer at BirdEye, in a statement. "Accuracy of customer sentiment analysis depends on machine learning that can adapt and improve over time. Athena can now receive information and learn it to make smarter decisions in the future, helping businesses get a deeper understanding of their customers."

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