• May 10, 2016

Bigtincan Releases V 5.0.1 of bitincan hub

Bigtincan, a provider of mobile sales enablement, has released version 5.0.1 of bigtincan hub, its solution for automatically delivering relevant sales or other customer-facing content to the designated users and recording its use.

With bigtincan hub, salespeople can engage customers with interactive content and other sales materials on their mobile devices or laptops, annotating on the fly. New in bigtincan Hub V5.0.1 is the ability for salespeople to automatically synchronize content and meeting notes into Salesforce.com and other CRM systems.

"Salespeople love to engage with prospects and customers," said David Keane, CEO of bigtincan, in a statement. "But updating the CRM after customer call is difficult and tedious. And worse, it cuts into time that should be spent selling. Our latest version of bigtincan hub sharply reduces call reporting, makes following up with customers a breeze, and even gives marketing actionable data to improve their materials. I can already hear a loud chorus of Handel's Messiah coming from our customers' sales teams."

bigtincan hub V5.0.1 includes built in integrations to salesforce.com, Microsoft Dynamics, and Oracle CRM on demand.

Key new capabilities accessible from within the CRM systems include the following:

  • One-touch meeting logs: With a single touch, salespeople can log meeting details, including attendees, content used, and other information, directly to the CRM systems without having to manually re-enter the data.
  • Instant content sharing, with tracking: Professionals can share content with customers directly from meeting invitations or on an ad hoc basis and know whether the customer opened or used that content.
  • Enhanced CRM content inclusion: Bigtincan Hub V5.0.1 enables salespeople to create and add rich media notes to the CRM without opening it. Notes can include text, images, diagrams, scribbles, and even voice notes,all immediately added right to the CRM. Whiteboard sessions can be captured with a few taps.
  • Instant Meetings: Bigtincan hub enables salespeople to directly broadcast content from tablets, smartphones, and desktops to customers over the Internet with bigtincan's clientless solution. And again, everything is captured in the CRM.
  • Actionable Insights: Bigtincan hub automatically links actions in the hub with sales stage and other data from the CRM system. This data can be fed into reports that detail the impact of the salesperson's activities on the company bottom line and provide valuable data to the marketing organization.

Bitincan released version 5.0 of bitincan hub in February.

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