• October 27, 2015

AgilOne Enhances Its Predictive Marketing Cloud

AgilOne, a predictive marketing cloud company, today released the next generation of its AgilOne Predictive Marketing Cloud, which now includes features to predict customers' lifetime values, a distance-to-store feature, and a householding feature that allows marketers to group potential buyers in the same household.

AgilOne's Predicted Lifetime Value enables retail marketers to see how much a customer is likely to spend based on previous online and offline engagement and purchases. The next-generation AgilOne cloud also allows marketers to segment and engage with customers based on their distance to nearby and preferred stores as well as other locations.

The distance-to-store feature delivers greater customer visibility and targeting capabilities by integrating data on customers' home addresses in comparison to nearby or preferred stores and other specific locations. With access to this info, marketers can identify customers based on their distance to a store or a location and then engage with them via any channel. They can also personalize this omnichannel engagement by including information about nearby stores or promotional events. Retailers also get a better understanding of where to open new store locations or hold events by viewing customer segments that don't live close to a store.

By combining predicted lifetime value with the other predictive analytics from AgilOne, marketers can determine the right offer to the right group of customers. For example, retailers can send promotions to customers with low predicted likelihood to buy but high predicted lifetime value or cross-sell and up-sell to customers with a high likelihood to buy but low lifetime value.

With the new capability, retailers can recognize VIP customers based on their total household spend. Retailers can also account for family members' influence on each others' buying behavior with consistent messaging for all members of the household.

"Our new capabilities give retailers an opportunity to the lead in this new era of predictive marketing and bridge the divide between digital and physical-world brand experiences," said AgilOne CEO Omer Artun in a statement. "The ability to predict customer behavior across all channels will transform the way retailers engage and build relationships with their customers."

"AgilOne's new functionalities gave us the power to deliver highly personal customer experiences unlike anything we have found available in the industry," said David Mahoney, marketing director at Peter Glenn, a national outdoor sports retailer that used a beta version of the new features. "With householding and distance-to-store functionality, we are able to include nearby store info in email campaigns and customize our Facebook campaigns, direct mail messages, and event invites based on each customer's location."

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