• May 4, 2015

AgilOne Releases Marketing Spend Optimization

AgilOne, a predictive marketing cloudcompany, today released its new Marketing Spend Optimization capabilities, which integrate with Google Analytics and give marketers unprecedented insight into how digital campaigns, such as Google AdWords, display, or Facebook ads, truly affect their companies' bottom line.

AgilOne users now have access to critical data that empowers them to optimize their marketing budgets based on which digital campaigns deliver the best customers, which could be the customers with the best margin, lifetime value, or predicted lifetime value. In addition, marketers can track which campaigns are driving new acquisition or converting existing customers or understand which campaigns are attracting customers with a specific persona.

The integration of Google Analytics campaign data into the AgilOne Marketing Cloud brings together companies' existing Google Analytics data with AgilOne's 360-degree view of their customers, including online, call center, and offline order details, taking into account returns and discounts, to identify both current and future lifetime value. It enables marketers to determine which digital campaigns are responsible for the greatest profit margin, how much revenue is coming from repeat versus newly acquired customers, or which campaigns bring men versus women and where the most valuable customers are coming from, among other key questions. Marketers can see all this information through configurable reports.

"Without tying digital campaign data to complete and accurate customer profiles, marketers are only getting part of the picture," said AgilOne CEO Omer Artun, in a statement. "They may not spend enough budget on campaigns that bring low first-order-value customers, but high future revenues, or they may erroneously prioritize campaigns that are bringing back existing customers that could have been re-engaged using lower-cost channels, such as email. Our new Marketing Spend Optimization capabilities deliver a 360-degree view of digital campaigns down to the most granular level and add predictive analytics to empower marketers to make the best decision about their ad spend."

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