• October 5, 2015

AgilOne Releases Mobile Clienteling App

AgileOne, a predictive marketing cloud company, has launched a mobile clienteling reference app that allows retailers to leverage AgilOne 360 predictive customer profiles to personalize in-store experiences.

The reference app for mobile devices allows retailers to bridge digital and physical experiences by leveraging strategic insights on customers' online and offline engagement and purchases with the brand, and use mobile technologies, including iBeacon, to make the customer experience more personal.

Retailers can use the app to pull up AgilOne's 360-degree customer profile and predictive insights for specific shoppers by looking them up by name, email, or loyalty card, among others, or identifying them via iBeacon when they are nearby or in the store. Retail staff can use the information to personalize greetings and engagement with customers, referencing past histories with the company, loyalty levels, birthdates, and past purchases as opportunities to follow up and create new meaningful interactions. Access to customers' previously browsed products, wish lists, and product recommendations based on omnichannel data collected by AgilOne empowers associates to cross-sell and up-sell.

"Companies today realize that in order to stand out from the competition, they need to offer personalized, meaningful interactions that add value for the customer and the brand both in-store and online," said AgilOne CEO Omer Artun, in a statement. "To serve this demand, we have launched a mobile clienteling reference app that shows how AgilOne's unique predictive customer profiles can transform the in-store retail experience using predictive analytics and omnichannel customer insights."

The mobile clienteling reference app is built on AgilOne's enhanced API capabilities that expose predictive customer profiles beyond marketing departments to online, point-of-sale, and call-center interactions.

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