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Primarily operating in India and Southeast Asia, digital advertising agency Pointific reaches and engages its audience through connected devices. The company is backed by Trilogic Digital Media Limited, which supports motion picture, TV production, content syndication, and digital businesses. Pointific focuses on ROI as well as brand- and reach-driven campaigns on both Web and mobile channels.

“We are an ROI-driven company—we deal with performance on mobile as well as the Web, and now we are moving towards mobile ROI-driven campaigns, which are more towards engagement,” says Mukesh Bajpai, cofounder and director at Pointific. “To be very strong in front of the client, you have to have great software which gives you an excellent tracking mechanism. We wanted [to measure] anything and everything which is happening in performance, from the impressions to clicks, click IDs, IPs—and the tracking had to be seamless.”

To those ends, Pointific turned to Accelerize’s cloud-based, real-time digital marketing ROI measurement tool Cake. Cake provides advertisers with a means of tracking and analyzing digital marketing performance in real time, offering several features aimed at improving ROI. One of Cake’s hallmark capabilities is multichannel tracking, which allows users to manage email, social media, and mobile channels, among others. Cake also enables users to compare data between channels with the goal of identifying which channels are performing well and which channels are underperforming. Moreover, users can customize reporting by user or segment and manage different channels all from a single interface.

Prior to the deployment, the agency identified three main areas where it needed to improve—its lead generation program, its affiliate management, and its payout structuring—and Cake has helped with all three. First, it made Pointific’s lead generation more efficient by introducing features such as simple pixel placement, lead validation, and real-time data access. To aid with affiliate management, Cake provided Pointific with real-time performance feedback and traffic quality capabilities, and the ability to track multichannel campaigns for multiple clients. Finally, Cake has enabled Pointific to establish price payouts by campaign for each conversion, and measure performance by cost per action (CPA), cost per thousand (CPM), cost per click (CPC), and revenue sharing.

Pointific has seen significant growth in its performance marketing business since implementing Cake. According to the company, Pointific saw 117 percent growth in company revenue between the first and second year of adopting the tool, and 71 percent growth in the third year. Furthermore, Pointific has expanded its network to include more than 263 publishers.

Bajpai praises the helpfulness of the Cake team, noting that it “chooses to volunteer to advise us when we are not using all the features to reduce the cost,” an experience Bajpai had never had before. “It is extremely important to have a regular touch from the third party, since one might not be aware of some features, and sometimes we tend to forget as well the use of a specific feature.” 

The Payoff

Since implementing Accelerize's real-time digital marketing ROI measurement tool Cake, Pointific has seen:

  • a 117 percent growth in company revenue between the first and second year of implementation;
  • a 71 percent growth in company revenue in the third year of implementation; and
  • the size of its network increase to more than 263 publishers.

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