Paychex Heightens Client Response and Retention with MaritzCX

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Paychex, a leading provider of payroll services for small and medium-size businesses, has implemented a new customer experience program that has allowed the company to sharpen insight into its clients' needs. Having previously gone through local vendors to distribute its surveys, Paychex sought a more efficient solution to receiving client feedback, as well as a more holistic way to view client data.

Now, Paychex uses the MaritzCX platform, which enables the company to design and distribute surveys, consolidate and analyze survey results, and manage a closed-loop feedback process to ensure customers' needs are met. The change has been fruitful for the company, which has received over 79,000 survey responses since implementing MaritzCX—a 10 percent response rate on average. Data from the surveys is distributed to senior vice presidents and managers through dashboards that display trends and let users track feedback.

"Going from a thirty-day turnaround time to nearly real-time responses has been really important for our business," says Kathy Clark, voice of customer manager at Paychex. "We’re able to get back to our clients within twenty-four to forty-eight hours of receiving their survey response."

Implementing MaritzCX has enabled Paychex to easily distribute a yearly Client Loyalty survey, which uses Net Promoter Score as a baseline and has been employed to help streamline certain sales processes. For example, if a client enters a 10 for the question "How likely are you to recommend someone to Paychex?" the client is automatically asked to be a reference, allowing the Paychex sales team to close deals more quickly by utilizing a systematic method of matching prospective clients with references.

"In our loyalty survey, we ask our clients if they intend to continue doing business with us in their next budget cycle, and if they say no to that question, we've set up a process internally where we get those responses right over to our client retention team, and they call the client immediately," Clark says.

In addition, the MaritzCX Spotlight data mining tool allows Paychex to identify clients that may not renew their contracts and subsequently turn them over to the client retention team to address their concerns—a strategy that has proven successful, with 50 to 60 percent of these clients ultimately electing to continue their relationship with Paychex.

Clark also notes that this data can assist Paychex's own employees. "Because we get such detailed information back in the surveys, we can easily coach our folks and make things more actionable and understandable for them in terms of what they need to learn or what they need to do to improve their performance," Clark says.

Overall, the implementation of MaritzCX has been a big plus for Paychex, Clark says. "Our business is growing so quickly, we're adding so many products and services, that we need [the customer experience solution] to be agile, and the platform meets that need." 

The Payoff 

Since implementing the MartixCX customer experience platform, Paychex has seen the following:

  • 50 to 60 percent of clients that indicated they may not renew their contracts ultimately chose to renew;
  • a 30-day turnaround time for surveys has been cut to near real time; and
  • response time to clients has been cut to one to two days.

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