Report Identifies Shopper-First Mandates for Retailers

By combining behavioral insights from half a billion shoppers worldwide, survey data from 6,000 people across six countries, and mystery shopping visits to more than 70 stores, a recent report from Salesforce and Publicis.Sapient has determined three shopper-first mandates for retailers: make it fresh, be where the consumer is, and give it meaning.

In terms of making it fresh, the report found 69 percent of shoppers expect to see new merchandise when they visit a site or store, 75 percent of site search queries are new each month, and 59 percent of the top 5 percent of best-selling products change monthly. According to the report, one way that retailers can make it fresh is to appeal to customers’ desire for uniqueness with the ability to customize products and exclusive offerings such as collaborations with partner brands.

When it comes to being where the customer is, the report found that 71 percent of shoppers prefer to leave a store with a product in-hand, 87 percent begin their journey on digital channels, and 82 percent are open to having an item shipped to their home within 24 hours if it is unavailable in-store. The report asserts that the physical store remains indispensable, with 46 percent of shoppers preferring to make a purchase in one, compared to 35 percent for laptops and 18 percent for smartphones. Furthermore, the report notes that this preference holds true across all age groups, including young shoppers, with 58 percent of those aged 18 to 24 preferring the physical store shopping experience.

As for giving it meaning, the report found that 66 percent of shoppers are more likely to buy from brands and retailers that offer loyalty programs, and 45 percent of shoppers are more likely to buy from those that offer a charitable donation with a purchase.

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