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January 25, 2021

CRM Featured Articles

Majority of SMBs Do Email Marketing Without CRM, Research Finds

Without software to automate marketing tasks, many small businesses are at a disadvantage, Visual Objects concludes in a new report.


Customer First Doesn't Have to Mean Employee Second

Customer-centric companies go above and beyond to deliver positive customer experiences, but putting employees first is as important as putting customers first. (Featured on

The Data Impacting CX and Growth That Chief Digital Officers Are Missing

Customer experience, revenue, and costs are impacted by not having a digital returns approach, as the absence of true returns data means that many retailers do not have an end-to-end view of their business.

CRM Across the Wire

Acquia Launches Digital Commerce

Acquia Digital Commerce unifies data, content, commerce, and digital merchandising in one omnichannel platform.

Uniphore Acquires Emotion Research Lab

Uniphore adds video and emotional artificial intelligence with its acquisition of Emotion Research Labs.

Mitto Launches Conversations

Mitto Conversations provides a single interface for omnichannel customer communications.

Adobe Adds to Experience Platform

Customer Journey Analytics, Offer Decisioning, and Server Side capabilities round out Experience Platform upgrades.

Semafone Partners with DataDivider on Payment Solution

Integration between Semafone and DataDivider provides a PCI DSS-compliant payment solution for service providers.

Behavox Partners with Red Box

The Red Box/Behavox partnership will streamline data reconciliation for artificial intelligence to help companies with compliance and reputation issues.