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December 11, 2019

CRM Featured Articles

Empathy Is Seen as the Path to Personalization

Emphasis on the human elements of communication will deliver more use cases for AI, finds Strategy Analytics.


Humans Must Have a Role in the New World of AI

There's value in a human-to-human relationship, but there's nothing wrong with having technology to help along the way. (Featured on


Customer Self-Service: Fast, Cheap, and in Control

Self-service has gone from an acceptable alternative to a desirable one

CRM Across the Wire

Confirmit Adds to Horizons Platform

Latest innovations in Confirmit Horizons simplify feedback analysis across social, app, and online channels.

Luminoso Launches QuickLearn 2.0 Text Analytics

QuickLearn 2.0 reduces bias in AI-powered text analysis for more accurate insights.

True Influence Launches InsightBase 4.2

InsightBase 4.2 is an integrated solution that leverages buying group intent intelligence across demand generation and sales enablement technologies.

Triblio Launches Smart Pages to Scale 1:1 Buying Experiences

Triblio Smart Pages let marketers customize messaging at scale.

Tulip Launches LiveConnect Messaging App

LiveConnect lets store associates chat with customers on WhatsApp, WeChat, Facebook Messenger and more

Toluna Patents Algorithm to Improve Panel Completions

New router technology puts the right surveys in front of the right audiences.

CRM Blog

Retailers Need to Provide More Value in Loyalty Programs

Consumers fail to see the value in joining loyalty programs.