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August 12, 2019


How Automation Can Give Us Back Our Empathy

To make chatbots better at customer interactions, take them away from the IT team. (Featured on

Customer Data Platforms: The Next Evolutionary Step for Marketing Automation

Marketing automation systems, with their limited data and reach, are but a cog in the complex CDP machine that can collect, process, and leverage information through various tools and applications.


Gartner Identifies 3 Actions for Sales Leaders Following an Acquisition

Sales leaders are uniquely positioned to mitigate risk and unlock value, a new report reveals

CRM Across the Wire

Chatmeter Adds Google Q&A Feature to Social Suite

With Chatmeter's Google Q&A feature, companies can act on user-generated responses at scale.

Zappix Provides Upsell Opportunities During Contact Center Interactions

Zaapix begins providing targeted, automated advertising and upsell opportunities through its digital self-service technology.

Zendesk Launches Zendesk for WhatsApp

Zendesk's integration with WhatsApp Business API delivers customer conversations across web, mobile, and messaging. (Featured on

Twilio Launches Conversations to Help Companies Create Cross-Channel Connections

Twilio Conversations provides one unified API to scale group conversations across SMS, MMS, chat, and WhatsApp. (Featured on

Luminoso Adds to Daylight to Accelerate Customer Feedback Analysis

Luminoso Daylight now features advanced sentiment analysis in a no-code application for customer analytics   

Twilio Launches SendGrid Ads Feature

Facebook, Instagram, and Google Display Ad integrations enable marketers to extend the reach of their email campaigns to display and social ads.