• August 8, 2019

Chatmeter Adds Google Q&A Feature to Social Suite

Chatmeter, a provider of local search marketing and reputation management for multilocation businesses, today unveiled Chatmeter Google Q&A within its Social Suite to help marketers improve consumer engagement, local rankings, voice search, and brand consistency.

Google Q&A is a crowdsourced FAQ feature within companies' local Google My Business (GMB) pages that allows consumers to ask and respond to questions about those businesses. Chatmeter's new Google Q&A functionality enables companies to listen to, respond to, and publish Q&A input at scale to increase local search rankings and prevent the spread of misinformation.

With Chatmeter's Google Q&A feature, companies can do the following:

  • Use keywords within popular Google Q&A responses to enhance their voice strategy, grow local search rankings, and impact local keyword rankings, featured snippet selections, and voice search results;
  • Maintain brand control by engaging with questions before Google consumers do, providing a single source of truth on Google questions versus leaving it up to uninformed consumers or even competitors;
  • Pre-populate and publish FAQs to each Google My Business location page; and;
  • Gain access to social media management tools and social analytics.

"CMOs are under greater pressure to prove ROI and preserve brand integrity. They cannot afford to have their brand's search results skewed by an inaccurate Google Q&A post from an uninformed consumer or even the competition," said Collin Holmes, founder and CEO of Chatmeter, in a statement. "Brands need to be able to listen and respond to new questions/answers, but it's impossible to do this at scale without the help of technology. We built Google Q&A within the Chatmeter Social Suite so marketers could establish a real-time dialogue with consumers, while also improving their ability to be found in a voice and local search."

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