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May 29, 2019

CRM Featured Articles

Verint Launches Unified VoC at Its Engage Conference

Verint executives outlined a strategy to save companies time and money on customer experience improvements. (Featured on

CRM Evolution Video: The 5 Digital Transformation Building Blocks

ISM President Barton Goldenberg plots out an effective digital transformation roadmap with 5 key building blocks to drive CX excellence in this clip from his keynote at CRM evolution 2019.

CRM Evolution Video: Can We Trust AI to Detect Customer Emotion?

Studio Overmorgen author Jarno Duursma discusses issues with AI for accurately and responsibly interpreting emotion in customer interactions in this clip from his opening keynote at CRM evolution 2019.

Magazine Features

Conversational Marketing: Ads with Instant Results

Chat-infused advertising is digital marketing without the wait


How to Become Data-Driven in This Experience Economy

Customer intelligence platforms give companies the best chance of determining what customers truly want and being relevant to them. (Featured on

Which Metrics Should Be Eliminated from B2B Marketing and Sales?

Marketers weigh in on distinguishing 'vanity metrics' from truly meaningful ones.

Front Office

Don’t Let AI Distract from the Real Problem

It is clear that many organizations still struggle with the same issues thay had 10 or 20 years ago.

CRM Across the Wire

Gainsight Unveils the Customer Cloud at Pulse 2019

Gainsight introduced a new suite of products at its user conference and enhancements to its existing Customer Success and Product Experience applications.

Technology and Humans Critical to Contact Center Success, Verint Engage Speakers Insist

Verint Engage speakers continued to stress the need for a balance of live agents and automation to handle the full range of customer issues. (Featured on

Zendesk Selects Ada as Chatbot Provider for Zendesk Suite

Zendesk has chosen Ada as the premier ‘Suite-Ready Partner' for Zendesk Live Chat and Support

Nimble Migrates Its Small Business CRM to Microsoft Azure

Nimble CRM on Microsoft Azure brings business relationships to the center of Office 365 Workgroups.

SugarCRM Releases Salesfusion for Google Ads

Salesfusion's Marketing Automation Platform from SugarCRM integrates with Google Ads to help marketers create, manage, and measure the ROI of Google paid search campaigns.

CallMiner Partners with Praxidia for VoC Analytics

CallMiner Eureka will power Praxidia's enterprise feedback management solutions.

Sprinklr Launches Presentations Feature

Sprinklr Presentations is a new element of the Core Platform and allows for the rapid creation of presentations with real-time data.