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November 14, 2018

CRM Featured Articles

SAP to Acquire Qualtrics

The acquisition of Qualtrics enables SAP to help companies deliver superior customer, employee, product, and brand experiences.


The Contact Center Agent Screen Test

Four tips for selecting the right customer service employees. (Featured on


To Engage Customers, Your UI Design Needs These 6 Qualities

It's about giving customers what they want in the most frictionless way possible without breaking the bank


Marketing’s Role Changes to Growth Creator

The CMO Council has set out five plays marketers need to adopt to grow revenue

CRM Across the Wire

NICE Unveils Journey Excellence Score

NICE's Journey Excellence Score is a new metric for measuring service quality across touchpoints and over time and enables the prediction of future outcomes.

Qubit Launches Marketing Personalization Solutions for Beauty, Fashion, and Luxury Brands

New industry solutions help key verticals personalize shopping experiences for customers.

Capsule Adds Teams Plan to Its CRM

Capsule's Teams features allow teams to customize access to leads, customers, and sales opportunities and provides more comprehensive insights.

Lessonly and Zendesk Partner

Lessonly's training software integrates with Zendesk to encourage team learning and practice.

Guru Launches Voice-to-Knowledge Solution for Customer Support Teams

Guru Voice-to-Knowledge analyzes voice communications and searches for supporting knowledge to help support agents deal with customers.

Vertebrae Introduces Axis Augmented Reality Shopping Experience

Vertebrae's Axis platform allows retailers to implement interactive 3D and AR experiences.