• November 13, 2018

Qubit Launches Marketing Personalization Solutions for Beauty, Fashion, and Luxury Brands

Qubit, a provider of marketing personalization technology, today launched three solutions designed for beauty, fashion and luxury retailers. Each package includes Qubit's proprietary personalization platform along with specific personalization use cases designed to drive engagement, repeat purchases, and lifetime value.

"Over the past eight years, we've been privileged to work with some of the world's most innovative beauty, fashion, and luxury brands," said Graham Cooke, CEO of Qubit, in a statement. "Through these long-standing partnerships, we understand the specific challenges they face. These categories are experiencing consistent and rapid growth in their online business. Personalization is essential in order to differentiate, and yet this has to be done with the vision of the brand, and often at very large scale. It's essential to deliver solutions that meet these challenges."

Qubit's personalization platform includes more than 800 million monthly interactions and $600 million influenced in monthly sales combined. Using Qubit, brands can collect, ask for, and analyze data, derive insights, and then deploy personalized experiences throughout the visitor journey.

Qubit for Beauty addresses the specific requirements of the cosmetics industry, such as replicating elements of the in-store experience online, uncovering nuanced insight about the types of purchasers and their reasons for purchasing certain products. Experiences within the solution include the following:

  • Replenishment: the ability to predict when a shopper might run out of a particular product and encouraging her to return to your site, or surfacing replenishment options when they do.
  • Skin type recommendations: the ability to understand customers through a short survey and serve them the right products. By coupling this with product badging, visitors can navigate to the most relevant products in the catalog much faster.
  • Smart sampling: the ability to offer the most relevant samples based on what shoppers already have in their carts or have tried in the past. This could be complementary, popular, or based on how shoppers have self-segmented.

Qubit for Luxury uses behavioral data, both asked and ingested, to build one-to-one, highly personalized digital experiences. Companies in this segment can deploy a number of experiences, including the following;

  • Trending in fashion capitals: the ability to highlight products customers want based on what is trending in their nearest fashion capital or around the world.
  • VIP exclusive offers: the ability to target VIPs directly with tailored offers, messaging, and services to drive loyalty and increase future spend.
  • Personalized homepage carousel: the ability to serve customers a tailored carousel on the homepage that responds to their relationship with the company. A customer who has recently bought might be shown complementary items, a customer who has been browsing in a specific category might be shown related items, and a new visitor might be encouraged to explore a specific category.

Qubit for Fashion uses large datasets about visitor behavior, past purchases, and CRM data to drive growth. It introduces the following:

  • Qubit Aura: the product discovery solution for mobile web.
  • Trending product badging: the ability to provide evidence on the product listing page to support product recommendations around those products in which people like you have shown an interest.
  • Back-in-stock: the ability to highlight to customers when items of interest are back in stock.

"Personalization is now pervasive online, not just in ecommerce, but in everything we do," Cooke said. "Look at Netflix, Spotify, and Instagram, all tailoring the online experience to engage their visitors with the most relevant content. Now is the time for ecommerce companies to catch up. Working with the teams delivering personalization for customers across the fashion, luxury, and beauty industry means Qubit is in the unique position to understand what works in each industry and build AI-powered technology for these world-class brands now and in the future."

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