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September 12, 2018

CRM Featured Articles

9 Ways to Use Data to Understand Your Customers (Video)

ISM Founder and President Barton Goldenberg discusses how to leverage data effectively in creating targeted customer experiences in this clip from CRM evolution 2018.

How External Data Can Complement Your CRM Solution (Video)

Diolachan Consulting's Edward Garry discusses the value of external data in this clip from his presentation at CRM evolution 2018.

Magazine Features

The Best CRM Case Studies: The CRM Elite Customer Awards 2018

The user companies that demonstrate the power of a good solution


Disrupting the Contact Center Customer

Consumers are used to technology helping them in other parts of their lives, so why not when they call a contact center? (Featured on

Customer Experience

5 Reasons Why Branded Communities Are Your Best Lead-Nurturing Platform

You can invite who you want, and you control the information these communities yield

CRM Across the Wire

Ericsson Emodo Partners With Axonix to Launch Emodo Supply for Programmatic Advertising

Emodo Supply verifies bid requests using carrier data to tackle inaccuracy at the ad inventory level.

Zendesk Acquires Base

Base gives Zendesk a sales force automation solution.

LinkedIn Makes Dynamic Ads Available in Campaign Manager

LinkedIn's move to expand the availability of Dynamic Ads allows for personalized ad creative at scale.

Adobe Adds to Marketing Cloud

Innovations in Adobe Marketing Cloud advance the personalization of customer experiences.

Curaytor Helps Marketers with Convert and Create, Advertise, and Blast Products

The Curaytor platform's new tools help small businesses generate and convert leads through Facebook ads and marketing email.

FayeBSG Releases Sugar Messaging Powered by Ytel

FayeBSG brings texting capabilities to the SugarCRM platform.