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October 10, 2016

CRM Featured Articles

NGDATA Acquires Personalized Video Platform Rednun

The company's customer experience solution will now be bolstered by real-time video content.

ClearSlide Unveils the ION Version of its Sales Engagement Platform

The technology leverages customer engagement data to help sales professionals tend to their teams, and their most promising opportunities.

Magazine Features

The Rise of the Sharing Economy

Although the term itself might be vague, the fundamental principles of the disruptive business model are here to stay


Use Voice of the Customer as a Catalyst for Change

Driving customer service change doesn't have to involve more surveys; it means engaging employees to drive the right behaviors. (Featured on

2 Questions Intelligent CRM Systems Must Answer

To get a complete customer profile that provides actionable insights, the relationship between company and customer must be cultivated.

The Tipping Point

3 Ways Sales Leaders Can Help Reps Hit Their Numbers

Managers need to take a step back to move the sales force forward

CRM Across the Wire

Optimove Launches Optibot

Optimove's Optibot automates campaign analysis to help marketers make marketing decisions.

inContact Updates Agent for Salesforce

inContact unveils newest release of Agent for Salesforce on the Salesforce AppExchange. (Featured on

Chute Launches Salesforce Community Cloud App

Chute's Salesforce Community Cloud App brings compelling vsuals into online communities.

MaritzCX Now Available in the Oracle Cloud Marketplace

Oracle Sales Cloud customers can now use MaritzCX to receive real-time customer feedback.

MomentFeed Enables Snapchat Geofilter Campaigns

Geofilters help multilocation retailers to engage and grow their Millennial and mobile customer bases.

Accenture Partners with Adobe on Customer Engagement Solutions for Financial Services

New digital marketing solutions help attract, engage and retain high-value customers